RawVoice Introduces a Podcast Plugin for WordPress

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RawVoice is proud to announce our latest podcasting tool it’s called the Blubrry PowerPress Podcast Plugin for WordPress.

We built the PowerPress plugin to support our Premium Publishing Service at Blubrry. It’s a wordpress podcast plugin for our customers, and those using our, or other third party stats service.

Most of the members on Blubrry.com  & TechPodcasts.com host their web sites using WordPress. With MovableType and other Blogging applications have rich podcasting plugins already we focused on the WP community.

With the launch of our latest services (Podcast Publishing Premium and Podcast Publishing Premium with Hosting), we found it necessary to offer a podcast plugin that can support episodes posted from our system.

The task was really simple: develop a WordPress podcasting plugin that stores podcast episodes the way WordPress expects them! Now our Publishing Customers can publish their episodes through our system which cross posts their podcast episodes to their WordPress blog and have fully compliant validated RSS feeds with optimized iTunes / Zune Market place support.

Being we have our own Free and Premium Podcast Statistic Service we did not put in a statistics module in the plugin. After all we spent many months developing our own statistic service that thousands or podcasters are using, along with a number of commercial media networks.

This new Podcast Plugin is very powerful. In that it will give a new or existing podcaster everything they will need to add podcasting support to their website. We look forward to everyones feedback and like other products we have it will mature over time.