Introducing Custom HomePages at

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Special Announcement:

Today RawVoice is proud to to announce our latest release customizable home pages for our Podcast Publishing and Hosting Customers at

This is one of many enhancements we are rolling out for on our platform that makes the RawVoice Generator the back-end that drives our properties and those of our customers the most powerful new media platform in the space

The custom Home Page feature is a real sweet. If you visit this is an example of a custom homepage in action. Powered 100% by Blubrry on our Publishing and Hosting service. You will see that the custom homepage looks like a regular weblog, and it has all the standard features you have come to expect from. We have 7 really cool templates designed by Brian our creative director to choose from, and if you don’t like our templates you can build your own just by picking your colors no coding knowledge required.

You can add your own HTML snippets to the sidebar for advertising, blog roll or anything else you would want to put in there. We even allow you to add your Google Analytics code on the site, so not only do you can have a full picture of web traffic with Google Analytics you also track your Podcast Statistics with Premium Statistics that is included in every hosting package.

No other podcast hosting company is offering more cool features than we are, we encourage you to consider moving your shows to our platform. We have three developers working on options that are going to do nothing but help you grow your show. We will be releasing new features almost weekly!

If you don’t have a domain name we will be opening our own domain store after NME but you can go over to and pick up a domain today to use on your custom homepage. Until you get your own domain name you can still use the custom homepage we create by default, as an example the Brrycast Home page is also located at

If you are not hosting with us, and would like your own custom page on blubrry to promote your show let us know we are weighing the options on this now.

RawVoice is proud to have the most powerful media publishing platform in the new media space.