The RawVoice Generator Media Network Platform

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GeneratorI was showing off the RawVoice Generator Platform to some corporate customers today when they person on the other end of the phone kinda freaked out in a good way!

To say he was blown away about the product was the understatement of the year. Needless to say we are very pleased with the clients reaction.

The RawVoice Generator Media Network Platform which drives ours and our customers podcast portals is a very powerful Podcast Publishing and Syndication Platform, especially when it is tied into our new media statistic service, and soon to be implemented “Podcast Advertising Campaign Management System”.

In final design now the PACMS, will be the first product we will not offer as a white label services due to it being an internal tool we will use with our media buyers, podcasters and the staff here at RawVoice to manage our growing Podcast Advertising Business..

We have added so many features to the RVG that the original video I did a couple of months ago on it’s feature set is now out of date. So in the next couple of days I am going to re-record the video spot.

What excites me the most is in August the RawVoice team made some strategic decisions that allows us to grow RawVoice as a company leveraging the RawVoice Generator Platform.

The team has worked very hard and we continue to be profitable and growth in all of our product lines is as expected. We look forward to continuing to push the bar forward.

Todd Cochrane CEO RawVoice