Attention Podcasters no longer in Exclusive Contracts


NocontractsWe have been getting emails from podcasters who are either having their exclusive podcast contracts canceled or are choosing to not renew those contracts.

Most have had been in exclusive network agreements for several years and are no longer will be earning the same amount of income that they had before.

Having discussed with those podcasters what they have been getting paid for on comparable advertising buys we feel we are in a position to offer better rates in some programs. When I quote our payment rates, which are been between 4 and 12 times higher than the base rate they have been getting on comparable programs, many feel like they have been sucker punched.

While RawVoice cannot guarantee advertising for all of the shows that are no longer under exclusive contracts, we will work real hard to help them in their transition.

RawVoice is very different in that we do not require any contracts or permanent commitments, and we give 100% of our effort to take care of them while they continue to build their shows on their own.

If you are podcaster looking for a staunch advocate in the space, feel free to join the community / directory, then fill out the advertising survey in the member management system and we will work real hard in getting you some ad deals.

RawVoice believes in the Podcasting and New Media Space. Our reputation precedes us, and we look forward to working with shows needing some extra help during their transition.