RawVoice Sponsors Podcamp Pittsburgh

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PodcamppitsRawVoice and our Premier Podcast Community Blubrry.com is proud to be a sponsor of Podcamp Pittsburgh. Like all Podcamps we sponsor we will have team members from RawVoice their to talk to podcasters about the podcasting space.

For Podcamp Pittsburgh we would like to put out a little challenge. One of RawVoice competitors has it’s Head Quartered in Pittsburgh, and we would hope that they would step up to the plate and throw their support in for Podcamp Pittsburgh after all it is happening in their back yard.

RawVoice is proud to have our family of podcasting communities and directories be sponsors of a number of Podcamps around the country. We understand the value of these events and want to help support the education and growth of the new media space.

This year RawVoice has sponsored the following Podcamp events, all of which we have had members from the RawVoice team in attendance.

  • Podcamp Philly
  • Podcamp Montreal
  • Podcamp Boson
  • Podcamp Ohio
  • Podcamp NYC
  • Podcamp Toronto

Another Podcamp yet this year that will be sponsoring is Podcamp Hawaii which is shaping up to be a world class event. It is a combined WordCamp event that will have some of the top personalities in both spaces speaking.