Record Podcast Advertising at RawVoice for Quarter 4


Red-arrow-upThe team at RawVoice has been working like crazy behind the scenes to get ready for the Quarter 4. The Q4 Insertion Orders have been flowing in over the past few days, and while we knew what the spends where going to be, the truth is until you have a signed contract anything can change.

This weekend will be a working the weekend to push these ad buys to the podcasters that we have lined up to be on the buy. We will be using our new state of the art Podcast Advertising Campaign Management System for the first time which will help the process.

There may be a downturn in the US Economy, but in the digital podcast advertising space we are seeing record amounts being spent. We will be moving some of this inventory into third party companies that we have been working with that have their own networks. So overall our employed inventory is reaching levels that we are very excited about.

There has never been a better time to be looking to earn revenue from one’s podcast than at this very juncture. Shows not on one of our family of sites should reach out to us to find out how you can get on an ad buy with us.