RawVoice Introduces Podcast Advertising Management System


Podcast advertising campaign management has largely been by hand: arduous, cumbersome, and less efficient. As of this quarter, we at RawVoice have fixed that. With the introduction of our Podcast Advertising Campaign Management System (PACMS), advertising campaigns from proposal to fruition can now be administered entirely online.

Here’s how it works:

  • Typically a podcast advertising campaign starts with a request for proposal (RFP) from a media buyer or advertiser. With the RawVoice PACMS, we enter the requirements of the buy into the new system.
  • Using data sets we have internally, including media statistics, survey sampling, demographic information, show content and other info, we are able to determine instantly what shows are best suited for a specific advertiser. This allows RawVoice to submit a concrete, detailed, unique proposal.
  • Once the actual insertion order comes in from the media buyer, we post the campaign requirements to the selected podcasters through the campaign account management system; the content creators then review the requirements and sign off on the campaign.
  • From that point the podcasters can access all of the campaign deliverables, aka banners, scripts, etc., via their campaign management account.  This allows podcasters to review campaign requirements as needed and allows us to issue updates throughout the campaign.
  • In a few weeks, we will make available the ad reporting system, which will be tied directly to each podcaster’s statistics account. This allows instant auditing and, more importantly, allows for quick billing to the vendor and fast payment to podcasters.

The PACMS allows RawVoice to meet the administrative needs of the podcasters while enabling the team to modify and closely monitor campaigns in progress, ultimately allowing detailed reporting upstream.

“In beta testing in September we were able to execute a media buyer’s quarterly ad over the phone. Total time to execute the campaign from when the call came in to campaign launch was less than an hour,” explains RawVoice CEO Todd Cochrane. “In the past this would have been a full day of work.”

This automation allows the RawVoice team to accurately produce large advertising campaigns with a few clicks of a mouse; a highly efficient process that enables the team to focus on other aspects of the business. The PACMS provides RawVoice a huge competitive edge that no other company has in the new media space.

“This meets a long term goal — to have processes in place that allow RawVoice to execute highly complex podcast advertising campaigns in a matter of hours,” Cochrane says. “We have invested heavily in technology that gives us the data sets needed to reach the exact demographics media buyers and advertisers are wanting to reach.

“In this time of economic downturn advertisers need to be able to spend their advertising dollars wisely,” Cochrane stresses. “We have a highly optimized system to reach just those consumers they want to reach.”

RawVoice remains a true innovator in the podcast and new media space. Along with our other integrated services, the PACMS allows us to have a full picture of our family of 3,200+ shows, setting us apart from any other new media company in the space today.