The Power of Vertical Podcast Markets


Cochrane-smallFrom the desk of the CEO of RawVoice:

Late in 2004 when another podcaster and I came up with the concept of the Tech Podcast Network little did I realize at the time that the ongoing business generated from that property would lead us to developing a new revenue stream that not only profits RawVoice but also profits new partners.

In late 2008 the RawVoice team decided to start seeking out leaders in the new media space in specific categories, to forge a new business partnerships. The first partnership we forged was with a long time supporter of RawVoice and a leader in the medical podcast space.

That relationship resulted in the development of the Pro Med Network under the management of Jaime Davis,while the details of the partnership are confidential Jaime’s company and RawVoice worked very hard to come up with a framework that benefits each company.

By allowing Jaime to focus on building a network, and RawVoice providing the supporting infrastructure and admin support. Jaime was able to secure a a sponsor that is advertising on the family of shows on the network from it’s launch bringing immediate value to those that are part of the network.

While Jaime’s network has just launched it re-validates a model that we know works.Thus we are seeking a limited number of category leaders to work with in building additional verticals podcast networks.

Are you a category leader? Are you serious about building a vertical contact us today