GotoAssist Express Ad Campaign to Launch Shortly!


GotoAssist ExpressWe are ramping up here at RawVoice for a new Advertising campaign. We will be doing a Mid February through end of June Ad Campaign for a new service offering by Citrix Online called GotoAssist Express.

This is a unique service, thus we are targeting unique podcast that will reach the targeted demographic.

We are looking for a few additional shows that are business service oriented. If you have a show that reaches individuals and business people that have online customer service division or even general tech support type shows you would be a good fit for this campaign.

I am not limiting the shows to those types I am also looking for shows that reach technology oriented people that may be called on from time to time to perform tech support for a friend or family member.

The product offering is such that it will appeal to the occasional user or those that do customer support on a daily basis.

While I know the scope of this buy is narrow we have already lined up a number of shows that fit the audience demo we are looking for but I have some inventory still available. Contact

All shows on the buy will have to be utilizing our media statistics service no other online measurement service is acceptable.