Think before you sign a Podcasting Contract!


No-contract-290x300I want to send out a word of warning to podcasters out there. You need to really explore all of your options before you go and sign a exclusive or semi-exclusive deal with a podcasting company.

There are alternatives that don’t lock you, your content, and your earning potential into one company. Here at RawVoice we never require podcasters to sign any form of contract that limits there creativity or where one can go to find sponsorship dollars for ones show.

When you are a member of our community you have the ability to participate in ad deals that you so choose to participate in. You always have the right of refusal. We are also are very generous in that the financial benefits are such that you get 70% of the dollars in every deal.

We have podcasters today that have been in ad deals for the past 4 years earning substantial incomes. These deals range from CPM  Ad deals that have paid as high as $52.00 per 1000 downloads.  We also have CPA buys that outright beat payment rates offered by our competitors in some cases as much as 5X times greater.

Do not be swayed into signing a contract that is going to limit the ability of your show to grow and prosper. The immediate money may look enticing but talk to those in the space that are no longer under these exclusive contracts, and you may sit back and re-consider what you are about to sign.

Todd Cochrane CEO RawVoice