How to Get Started


We get dozens of e-mails each day from podcasters asking how they can participate in our podcast advertising deals. The process is very simple:

  • Sign your show up at
  • Fill out the advertising survey to tell us about your show

Doing this gets your show into the Podcast Advertising Management System, which is where we build all podcast advertising campaigns.

As an added bonus you can start using our statistics service immediately. That way, as we are putting together a buy, we know exactly what your show is capable of delivering. While we never share your show data with advertisers without your permission, your show and others will be promoted during an advertising campaign.

The advertising survey data provides us the info we need to help you find a sponsor. Podcasters should update the advertising survey every 90 days to keep us up to date on what your show is doing.

Pretty simple isn’t it? We look forward to working with your show!