The RawVoice Generator: Enabling Targeted Media Downloads to Grow Audiences, Build Revenue


LAS VEGAS – NAB Show – March 30, 2010RawVoice, a leader in new media distribution, trend tracking and content monetization, announces the first demonstration of its RawVoice Generator at the 2010 NAB Show April 12-15, booth # SU9506S. The RawVoice Generator allows producers and media networks to focus on creating media and building their brands while RawVoice takes care of the mass distribution of their content.

RawVoice has long been a pioneer in podcasting, representing more than 5,000 podcasts on its family of sites powered by its RawVoice Generator media network platform. Through its line of services, RawVoice is a base for media sharing, discovery, publishing, hosting, measurement and monetization for a vast group of content creators and networks.

Today the broadcast industry is generating and looking for new revenue streams through multi-platform content delivery – both web-based and broadcast content, according to the 2010 BBS Global Trend Index.

RawVoice helps customers leverage this trend by managing and disseminating new media content via the Internet, mobile devices and set-top boxes, taking the lead in multi-platform distribution.

Not only does RawVoice deliver the content through multiple platforms, it tracks and measures it. The RawVoice Media Statistic system offers unsurpassed insights into user consumption: tracking audiences, listener-base demographics and geographical data with worldwide mapping – all delivered via web based interfaces, custom reports and daily e-mail summaries.

To demonstrate the types of powerful statistics the RawVoice Generator gathers, the company surveyed a controlled sampling of more than 3,000 supported shows that have been tracking their new media statistics for the past several years. The following is the percentage change in traffic patterns in February 2009 and the same month 2010. These metrics are the top six most downloaded clients and regions from all the podcasts RawVoice supports:

Febuary 2009 and 2010 by Client February 2009 and 2010 by Region
Aggregators and Media Players +94% United States: +135%
Web Browsers and Clients +467% United Kingdom: +93%
Mobile Web Browsers: +45% Canada: +104%
Web Bots and Crawlers: +14% Australia: +85%
Mobile Applications: +4658% China: +277%
Web Applications and Networks: +1091% Japan +140%

“RawVoice offers broadcast and online show producers the freedom and flexibility to maintain their primary show or network branding while making available a full line of services driven by the RawVoice Generator, which not only provides mass content distribution, but also allows unparalleled media measurement,” said Todd Cochrane, RawVoice CEO and Podcast Pioneer. “Our stats system enables content creators to fully understand how the media they create is being consumed.  With our new device distribution services, traditional media networks and content creators can realize revenue more quickly.”

For more information on RawVoice at the NAB Show and to schedule a time to talk with Cochrane, visit: For up-to-the-minute details on RawVoice at NAB, follow RawVoice on Facebook and Twitter (@rawvoice).

About RawVoice Inc.

RawVoice offers new media producers an easy, efficient means to get media online and measure audience behavior. The RawVoice Generator is a configurable, customizable, user-friendly media platform that combines the power of podcasting and new media with social networking. The RawVoice Generator lets you push content to portable and home media devices, such as iPhones, Roku and Boxee. RawVoice’s Integrated New Media Statistics analyzes downloadable and streaming media. It’s easy to use, powerful and flexible.

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