Get in scoring position with ‘The Triple Play’ at BlogWorld and New Media Expo


Advances in digital media are being pitched at you at record speed. You’re taking a swing at all the latest in technology and media and getting a few hits. But are you touching all the bases? On Saturday, Oct. 16, at BlogWorld and New Media Expo, RawVoice CEO Todd Cochrane will address the whole media package of today and seasons to come in his session The Triple Play: Streaming, Podcasting and Blogging as a Way to Accelerate Your Show’s Growth and Distribution.

The past 12 months have seen an evolution in the blogging, podcasting and streaming media space. In this session Cochrane will lay out a game plan to growing your audience and will talk about the new distribution platforms.

“I will share trade secrets and strategies of podcasting that only my six years of experience behind the mic can impart,” he announced. “I will tie this all together and you will walk away understanding the importance of streaming your shows and how that streaming is the gateway to over-the-top TV.” Cochrane, host of Geek News Central, grew an already large audience by 150 percent in nine months with the Triple Play. In this session, he will map out how content distribution channels such as the Roku, Boxee and the upcoming Google TV are changing new media and what you need to do to score.

“This will be the most important session you will want to attend at the show. I don’t say this lightly because some of the things I will reveal are going to make you re-think your media strategy for the next 36 months.”

The media space is changing at a rapid pace, and The Triple Play: Streaming, Podcasting and Blogging as a Way to Accelerate Your Show’s Growth and Distribution will get you dialed in on where it is headed and show you how to stay on the playing field.

In addition to Cochrane’s session, check this out:

  • The RawVoice team members will in Booth 516  sharing not only what they do but also the latest news about the new media distribution platforms.
  • Join RawVoice CIO Angelo Mandato and Creative Manager Brian Yuhnke at their session Oct. 16 on Blogging and Podcasting Sitting in a Tree … Optimizing a WordPress Site for Your Podcast.

There’s still time to register for BlogWorld and New Media Expo. So step up to the plate and no more balking! This is the event to be at if you are podcaster, blogger and fall into any category of user-generated content. If you want to focus on new media you’ve gotta be here!