No longer relying on traditional media for info, Americans create new media opportunities


As traditional media grapples to reinvent itself and retain readers and viewers, new media such as the video and audio podcasts on the RawVoice communities Blubrry, Pro Med Network and Tech Podcasts Network are expanding their reach and their audiences.

A Harris Poll published Oct. 28, 2010, found that traditional print and broadcast media are waning in popularity, with more than half adults online predicting its demise within 10 years. While viewers and listeners might not have abandoned print media or network television completely, Americans are turning to the Internet and other media to get their news.

The poll found that of Americans who use the Internet to look for news:

  • 46 percent say they go to local television news all the time.
  • 35 percent say they go to local newspapers.
  • 31 percent turn to network television news.
  • 42 percent of online adults say they never go to national newspapers such as the New York Times or weekly news magazines when they are looking for news.

Although cable television currently stands as the desired means of receiving entertainment, it too stands to lose viewers with the introduction of digital media to over-the-top (OTT) television boxes such as Roku. These OTTs allow audiences to hear and view media by thousands of content creators such as those in the RawVoice communities.

The audience response to these new media platforms has been remarkable. “I would have been happy with 25,000 additional views among the community in the first month after introducing our networks shows on the Roku box,” RawVoice CEO Todd Cochrane says. “It was more like 250,000.”

With the introduction of Vudu apps and others, the reach of digital media will continue to expand. Because consumers are creating these new consumption trends, advertisers should follow suit. “It only stands to reason that if the audience is turning to digital media to receive its news and entertainment, that’s where the advertisers should be as well,” Todd explains.

Unlike typical news outlets, the majority of media creators consistently focus on specific topics, such as emergency medicine, GLBT issues, politics, etc. This draws audiences uniquely interested in these areas. “Because of this, advertisers can be assured they are reaching their target audience,” Cochrane stresses.

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