Need for speed? You got it!


Sure, there are some things you’d like to take slow, such as a vacation on the beach, a romantic dinner (if you’re into that sappy stuff) and fishing. But mostly, when you want something, you want it now, fast, pronto, not even ASAP because that means ‘as soon as possible,’ which would imply a wait and that won’t cut it. Well, good news in the digital media world as RawVoice recently moved its communities to a series of servers that are FIVE times more powerful, letting our family of content creators get in, get the data they need on the spot with up-to-the-sec stats for our premium stats customers. Plus, our audiences now have access their fav shows in less than a heartbeat on the Internet, mobile devices, set-top boxes, etc., etc., etc.

RawVoice is the parent company that represents about 10,000 online digital media shows on communities such as Blubrry, TechPodcasts Network, TravelCast Network and more. That’s a lotta fast access to a lotta kick-as media.

The big thing is, the infrastructure has changed dramatically and it will allow us to add new features throughout the coming months. What kind of features, you ask? Here are just a few:

1. Teleportation: C’mon, admit it, you’ve always wanted to say “Beam me up Scotty!”
2. Hair growth: Judging by the mug shots in Twitter, about one quarter of you all will benefit from this feature!
3. Brain chipping: Why wait for the latest shows to download on your mobile devices? Have them implanted directly into your brain to enjoy quietly and discreetly during staff meetings and funerals!

OK, that might be a ways down the road, but what we do have coming up will rock your socks off, so stay tuned! We’ll have more feature updates comin’ at ya soon! In the meantime, celebrate your need, your need for speed bein’ fulfilled, but fast!