Hard Lesson for Content Creators!


Recent lockout of Podcasters accounts on Mevio should be once again a wake-up call for content creators to not have their valuable media properties locked into a system someone else owns. This is the third or fourth time in a couple of years “free” sites figured out there is not a business model in “free.”

We have some simple advice that will ensure you are never locked out. You’re building your media empire, have some pride!

  1. Buy your own .com; build your brand not someone else’s
  2. Get a web hosting account and install WordPress
  3. Install PowerPress Podcasting Plugin
  4. Buy a nice template, or pay someone to make you one to fit your show and brand
  5. Purchase Media Hosting with Statistics from Blubrry.com (always keep a backup)
  6. Most Importantly, always control your rss feed. It is a very valuable asset.

Then and only then list your show on sites such as Blubrry.com Don’t let a companies changing priorities leave you and your audience hanging.