RawVoice Podcast Statistics Media Consumption Insights Series #1


RawVoice, the leader in podcast analytics, announces the first in a series of global podcast statistics reports measured across more than 15,000 podcasts hosted on a variety of podcasting platforms.

“RawVoice has been diligent in working toward establishing itself as the No. 1 source for global podcasting data,” RawVoice CEO Todd Cochrane said. “No one in the industry has more direct measured data.”

RawVoice analytics are based on actual — not interpolated — information, giving content creators and media buyers the most accurate picture of who is consuming their content as well as how it’s being consumed.

Over the past 90 days, RawVoice Podcast analytics has recorded the following trends in clients consuming podcast media. This was a sampling of 69.7 million audience listens/views across 17 genres.

  • Desktop applications, such as iTunes, 36.7%
  • Smartphones and mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPod and Android, 30.3%
  • Web browsers, 18.3%
  • Tablets such as the iPad and Nexus 7, 8.8%
  • Mobile applications, 3.2%
  • Smart TV / OTT set-top boxes, 2.7%

Percentage of consumption by client:

  • iTunes (desktop applications), 27.4%
  • iPhone (smartphones), 22.8%
  • iPad (tablets), 8.7%
  • Android (smartphones), 7.1%
  • Firefox (Web browsers), 4.8%
  • Google Chrome (Web browsers), 4.1%
  • Internet Explorer (Web browsers), 1%
  • All others (100+ other clients), 24.1%

Percentages by platform:

  • Windows, 35%
  • iOS (iPhone and iPad), 30.9%
  • Mac OS, 16.5%
  • Android, 7.7%
  • Linux, 2.5%
  • Other, 7.4%

“Podcasts are being listened to and watched on all devices today and trends are evolving; it’s imperative for podcasters and our media buyers to stay abreast of the most effective means to reach new media audiences,” Cochrane said. “Because of the growing popularity of mobile devices, our data indicates that if you want to reach mobile consumers, you should advertise on podcasts.”

RawVoice keeps close watch on trends in the space. “For instance, the fastest growing podcast mobile application has been “Downcast” a mobile application for Android,” Cochrane said. “Downcast currently is the No. 1 podcasting application outside of Apple’s mobile podcast and iTunes apps.”

Since 2005 RawVoice has been measuring Podcast statistics for media buys and buyers to include some of the biggest podcast networks in the space. RawVoice, parent company of Blubrry.com and TechPodcasts.com, has unparalleled insight into how podcast media is being consumed. For more information, contact Cochrane at ceo@rawvoice.com.