Announcing RawVoice Certified Podcast Statistics

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This is a big day for us here at RawVoice, we are announcing via Press Release RawVoice Certified our Podcast stats certification program.

Announcing RawVoice Certified: The seal of verified podcast metrics
Designation offers third-party, validated metrics to advertiser, media creators and network managers

RawVoice, a national pioneer in digital media metrics, monetization and content creation, announced the implementation of RawVoice Certified, a third-party podcast/network validation of media statistics. Tapping into eight years of data collection and analytics, the RawVoice Certified seal is the foremost authority in validating podcast statistics.

“At RawVoice, we know that podcast statistical validation is critical when a network / podcast has to corroborate audience size, demographics and how the media was consumed,” said Todd Cochrane, RawVoice founder and CEO. “Our years of experience in collecting and processing statistics for tens of thousands of podcast and networks puts RawVoice at forefront of analytics critical to our customers. Our certified service is the gold standard for media buyers, networks and podcasters.”

RawVoice Certified Stats gives content creators and media buyers detailed network delivery statistics, analytics, audience demographics and it tracks exactly how the media is engaged, providing near real-time reporting capability, all certified by RawVoice.

A variety of algorithms are used by RawVoice Statistics to filter out data that would otherwise inflate the media statistics. RawVoice provides podcast analytic / statistic services to 16,000 plus independent podcasters and networks, Cochrane said, including major television and online networks and universities.

Since 2005 RawVoice has been measuring podcast statistics for media buys and buyers to include some of the biggest podcast networks in the space. RawVoice, parent company of and, has unparalleled insight into how podcast media is being consumed. For more information, contact RawVoice Sales at sales [at]

Contact: Network Managers should contact RawVoice for bulk pricing, individual podcasters can get RawVoice Certified here today. Check out all the details on the product details page.