The tools to grow on

Yup. We knew you needed it; we knew you wanted it and so did we. It just made sense. With simple RSS advances that enabled people from all walks to be heard and downloaded across the Internet, it was really a no-brainer. But it took podcast pioneer Todd Cochrane to bring it all together: a central site, an interface or liaison for and about digital media. And so it was — after careful consideration, research and team selection — RawVoice was birthed as a company by content creators for content creators to provide tools, resources and communities. We make it easier for podcasters to focus on content creation and, importantly, we bring shows and advertisers together to make money.

Incorporated in 2005, the RawVoice team initially launched, featuring 5-minute podcasts, and Mycast® which allows listeners to build their own custom playlists within our sites and apps. In a few short years, it’s become much, much — and yeah, we will say it again for emphasis — much more than that. In fact, after its launch in 2006 became the RawVoice capstone; a core site for content sharing, discovery, publishing, hosting, measurement and monetization. With more than 25,000 shows on board, to say Blubrry is a success would be a gross understatement. But we’ll say it anyway: Blubrry rocks, check it out!

Blubrry is also home to PowerPress, the premier WordPress podcasting application that powers the majority of podcaster sites running WordPress.


  • offers the RawVoice Generator, a configurable, customizable, user-friendly media platform that combines the power of podcasting with the possibilities of social networking.
  • communities house thousands of audio podcasts.
  • provides tools and resources, such as the Blubrry PowerPress, to upload and maintain your podcast using your WordPress blog.
  • offers statistics packages enabling you to learn more about your audience and capitalize on trends.
  • promotes advertising, lining the pockets of both podcasters and advertisers.
  • is a second-to-none support system. You got questions? We got answers.

RawVoice features content-driven podcasting communities: Blubrry, and Tech Podcasts well as the Blubrry Podcast Manual, an in depth how-to site with everything you need to know about podcasting.

Does it sound like we’re bragging? Not sure that we mean to; we’re just pretty impressed by how far digital media has come in a few short years and we’re pretty excited about being an important part of its evolution.

If you have any questions about RawVoice, let us know. To learn more about advertising opportunities, let us know that, too.

RawVoice is: A large team of New Media leaders and innovators that deliver!