Hard Lesson for Content Creators!


Recent lockout of Podcasters accounts on Mevio should be once again a wake-up call for content creators to not have their valuable media properties locked into a system someone else owns. This is the third or fourth time in a couple of years “free” sites figured out there is not a business model in “free.” We have some simple advice … Read More

GoDaddy Official TPN Media Sponsor for CES!

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The Team from the Tech Podcast Network is proud to announce GoDaddy.com as the official media sponsor for our coverage of CES 2012. All of the recorded media from the show will be hosted via a GoDaddy 4th Generation Hosting account (4GH) We will demonstrate under absolutely extreme conditions how powerful GoDaddy 4GH hosting is. We have an amazing product … Read More

Introducing Cue Too


RawVoice raises the bar — and the curtain — for premium content The RawVoice team has spent the past week getting its new Premium Content Service CueToo.com ready to launch. It is time to start letting those of you that have premium content to sell have a look behind the curtain. If you would like to be part of our … Read More

Samsung Smart TV and TPN: It’s what’s on the TV tonight!

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RawVoice, the pioneer in digital media production, hosting and dissemination, is proud to announce the addition of their Samsung Smart TV application for TVs and Blu-ray Players. The TechPodcast Network (TPN) App allows content creators to reach connected audiences that will watch and listen to the networks shows in their offices, dens, living rooms, bedrooms, and anywhere else they watch … Read More

Need for speed? You got it!


Sure, there are some things you’d like to take slow, such as a vacation on the beach, a romantic dinner (if you’re into that sappy stuff) and fishing. But mostly, when you want something, you want it now, fast, pronto, not even ASAP because that means ‘as soon as possible,’ which would imply a wait and that won’t cut it. … Read More