Todd’s 100 show Challenge!

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Do you have a podcast?
Do you think it’s good?
Is it not getting the attention it should?
Do you want more attention?

List your show at then send an e-mail to ceo with the link to Blubrry listing. I’ll subscribe and give your show a listen, provide some pointers and, with your permission, talk about your show on my podcast and on some of the network

The advice will be honest and sincere. If I need to be critical I will politely do so.

By September, I want to find 100 shows that blow me away, give them the attention they deserve and showcase them to media buyers and the journalists we talk to.

One Comment on “Todd’s 100 show Challenge!”

  1. This sounds like a great opportunity, Todd! Be sure that I will be submitting my two shows for consideration, one tomorrow, once it’s third season starts, and the other next week, once my cohost gets back from her holidays.

    Keep up the great work! We all appreciate it!

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