We represent 25,000 content creators reaching tens of millions of consumers each month. We reach your target audience and deliver your message to every device media is being consumed on.

We build advertising campaigns that result in your message being seen and heard on over 100 media devices types and PCs. We also deliver your message on Roku, Samsung Smart TV and Google TV.

We know the content; we know the producers; we know their audiences.

This audience is highly desired by advertisers. They are loyal; more 71 percent  of this audience has visited an advertiser’s website as a result of their sponsorship and 40 percent of viewers purchase a product or service based on podcast sponsorship. Active podcast consumers are mobile media consumers – content creators and advertisers alike should continue to take advantage of that. Active digital media consumers are not receptive to interrupt advertising, but they are receptive to targeted messages in podcasts.

The level of engagement we create with our audience is unmatched. A podcast media buy with RawVoice is part of a differential cross media plan. We extend your message beyond the program by including your message in the show’s blogposts, website and to the programs social media pages. This is a layered solution that increases frequency and engagement with the host. There is a “halo” effect ascribed to brands, products and services that sponsor podcasts. Point blank, host-read sponsorships are remarkably effective with these active consumers.


Hitting your target…

We ensure that that your company’s brand is represented the way you want it represented and, because of the diverse content available to us, we are able to reach your target demographic and execute advertising buys on shows that reach your desired audience. We have the ability to target specific niche groups and consumers based on your demographic needs such as, but not limited to:

  • Tech
  • Medical
  • Travel
  • Music
  • Business


We make it easy…and it’s measurable…

  • We do all of the leg work and execute your media buys so you can move onto your next campaign.
  • Our campaigns are measurable and trackable.
  • We know who and where your message is being delivered and provide detailed in-campaign and post-campaign reports.
  • We are here to make your job easy.
  • We work directly with the content creators to make sure they are delivering your message and your campaigns success is our success.
  • We deliver a measurable ROI.


Ready to get started? Call us at 1-877-RawVoic(e) or contact us and propose a campaign.