The Truth is Out There: Don’t be duped by bogus stats


The truth is out there and, yes, we know sometimes the truth hurts. Heck, we’ve been there ourselves. The important thing is, the truth will set you free and/or — in the case of your podcasting stats — provide you increased credibility, more and better advertising opportunities and can isolate areas where you might wish to improve. We’ve heard from … Read More

The RawVoice Family is Growing Again!


It is with great pleasure that the RawVoice team announces that Creative Director Brian Yuhnke and his wife Aileen have welcomed their baby daughter, Faye, into their lives Oct. 16, at 9:57 a.m. EST. Mom and baby are doing great and the young family is heading home for some quiet time. (Good luck with that! 😉 ) The RawVoice team … Read More

Top shows to receive national exposure

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RawVoice is working with a national media network that is seeking audio and video content. This is an amazing opportunity to take your show to the next level. We have been asked to facilitate talent screenings and act as the intermediary to the network. This is an opportunity for our best shows to step into national limelight through mainstream media … Read More

Hard Lesson for Content Creators!


Recent lockout of Podcasters accounts on Mevio should be once again a wake-up call for content creators to not have their valuable media properties locked into a system someone else owns. This is the third or fourth time in a couple of years “free” sites figured out there is not a business model in “free.” We have some simple advice … Read More

Need for speed? You got it!


Sure, there are some things you’d like to take slow, such as a vacation on the beach, a romantic dinner (if you’re into that sappy stuff) and fishing. But mostly, when you want something, you want it now, fast, pronto, not even ASAP because that means ‘as soon as possible,’ which would imply a wait and that won’t cut it. … Read More