The RawVoice Generator Media Network Platform

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I was showing off the RawVoice Generator Platform to some corporate customers today when they person on the other end of the phone kinda freaked out in a good way! To say he was blown away about the product was the understatement of the year. Needless to say we are very pleased with the clients reaction. The RawVoice Generator Media Network Platform which drives ours and our customers … Read More

Introducing Custom HomePages at

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Special Announcement: Today RawVoice is proud to to announce our latest release customizable home pages for our Podcast Publishing and Hosting Customers at This is one of many enhancements we are rolling out for on our platform that makes the RawVoice Generator the back-end that drives our properties and those of our customers the most powerful new media platform … Read More

Good News For Podcast Advertising

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A recent article by Pete Barlas of Investor’s Business Daily (06/20/08) forecasts a positive future for podcast advertising. To summarize: Podcast audiences have branched out far beyond just geeks. And advertisers are starting to like them, too. After having placed ads with Web sites and search engines, more advertisers are starting to spread their ad dollars to audio and video … Read More Powered by the RawVoice Generator

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The team here at RawVoice is proud to announce our latest RawVoice Generator Customer. The folks over at picked the RawVoice Generator as their new podcast and new media publishing platform. While the site has just come live we look forward to the team over their exercising the Generator. Check out the site and sample the great content they … Read More

RawVoice Generator Demo

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For the very first time the team here at RawVoice is releasing a full demo of our RawVoice Generator. With over 2 years of development the RVG is the most powerful new media publishing platform on the net. We encourage companies that are looking for a media solution to work with us in sitting up your community powered by the … Read More