PodcasterNews now Accepting Applications

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Following the re-launch of PodcasterNews this past December, we temporarily took the application page off-line while we tested the new system. We are pleased to announce we are now accepting new applications at PodcasterNews.com Apply Now Built upon the latest version of the RawVoice Generator, the new PodcasterNews site now includes support for both audio and video podcasts, blogging and … Read More

RawVoice Statistics Support Zune user agent and more

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The RawVoice Statistics system that powers the Blubrry, TechPodcasts and PodcasterNews media download statistics has been updated to detect the Zune user agent.  The Statistics system now detects over 70 different Podcatchers, web browsers, operating systems, phones and web bots. Other clients that we are now indicated in our Statistics system include VadixBot, YodaoBot, PodPuppy podcatcher, RSS Radio podcatcher, and … Read More

Podpress patch to fix bug with Enable Blubrry Statistics option

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Dan Kuykendall, The creator of Podpress graciously integrated support for the Blubrry Statistics redirect in Podpress. The support makes it easy for Blubrry members to implement the redirect in Podpress. There is a syntactical error in the Podpress code which prevents the Blubrry redirect from working within Podpress. The code fix have been sent to Dan and will hopefully be … Read More

Our Vision For Media Statistics

RobRawVoice Statistics

RawVoice is proud to have launched our beta of RawVoice Statistics. We hope that RawVoice Statistics will do for media stats what Google Analytics has done for web page statistics. We’ve designed a system that is easy to use, flexible and powerful all at the same time. The first step in deploying this system is complete. We have integrated the … Read More