Subscribe Sidebar WordPress Plugin

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RawVoice is pleased to announce the Subscribe Sidebar WordPress plugin. The Subscribe Sidebar plugin creates a uniform list of the most common subscribe links with icons to display in a blog’s sidebar. The plugin may be added to the sidebar by either utilizing the dynamic widgets sidebar feature or adding a few lines of code to your theme’s sidebar template. … Read More

RawVoice Statistics Support Zune user agent and more

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The RawVoice Statistics system that powers the Blubrry, TechPodcasts and PodcasterNews media download statistics has been updated to detect the Zune user agent.  The Statistics system now detects over 70 different Podcatchers, web browsers, operating systems, phones and web bots. Other clients that we are now indicated in our Statistics system include VadixBot, YodaoBot, PodPuppy podcatcher, RSS Radio podcatcher, and … Read More

Post PodCamp AZ Thoughts – PodCamp Arizona is Great Place to Podcasters

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PodCamp AZ (Arizona) was a huge success. Michelle and Brent Spore planned, what I would call, the perfect un-conference. The venue was organized well, the sessions were ordered in a way that allowed podcasters at different experience levels to gain knowledge during every part of the day. I obtained a lot of knowledge from the event and I am grateful … Read More

Welcome To The Tech Podcast Party

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Podshow recently announced that they are starting a Tech channel on their network. Their new PodShow TECH channel will be helmed by former PC Mag writer John C. Dvorak. Congrats John! I think its a testament to the growth of new media when a former naysayer such as Dvorak embraces the industry. Back in 2003 John showed a remarkable disdain … Read More