With multiple dissemination opportunities, the RawVoice Generator (RVG) enables your media to be seen and heard on venues ranging from traditional Internet downloads, set-top boxes such as Roku, and mobile media such as the iPhone and Android. New applications are consistently under way to capitalize on evolving distribution mediums.

The RVG offers the  power of an instant media network that allows you to:

  • meet your distribution and publishing needs.
  • create and publish to an unlimited number of audio, video or blog content channels,
  • manage users with varying levels of access.

Our patented MyCast feature provides:

  • one click subscription to content channels.
  • support for any standard RSS aggregator or podcatching application.
  • a means to consume media while browsing.

The RawVoice Generator lets you:

  • use the multi-channel capabilities of the RVG to run your own digital media network.
  • monetize your network with our built-in ad manager.
  • use the RVG to meet the internal communication needs of your organization.
  • be part of a community where people can submit rich media for use in shows immediately or later in broadcast mediums such as radio and television.

Other powerful social features include:

  • a configurable commenting system that allows for management of comments with instant approval or moderation.
  • the HotList feature that lets users share content from around the community by adding it to their profile page.
  • private message distribution to friends within the community.
  • a management system that allows a user to ‘dump’ and/or ‘block’ certain friends.
  • integration with blogging platforms such as WordPress and MovableType.


The RawVoice Generator is a turnkey media publishing solution. It focuses on the technical details: You meet the needs of your business; we configure and host your community on our servers.

The RVG is licensed to the communities of  RawVoice clients and partners. You pay a monthly license fee plus tiered fees for media hosting and delivery. We support you every step of the way. Have more questions? Interested in a detailed demonstration of the features of the RawVoice Generator?

To see the generator in action visit one of our communities.

For a Demo and a Quote Contact us at ceo@rawvoice.com.